Kate Kirwan

Programs Director, Canadian Turner Construction


Kate is the VDC Manager for Canadian Turner Construction Company. She has an Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Architectural Technology from Dublin Institute of Technology and is an Autodesk Certified Professional, concentrating on innovative technology, 3D construction design and 4D animation. She is a recognised certified professional in BIM (building information modeling), holding a certificate of management from The Association of General Contractors of America.

Kate is involved in all stages of construction, from creating animated videos at project pursuit stage through to developing as built drawings at project close out. She has been in numerous projects including the following;

  • The Vancouver Stock Exchange
  • Lakes District Hospital and Healthcare Replacement Project
  • YVR Expedited Transfer Facility Packages 1,2 and 4
  • Anvil Centre, New Westminster
  • Vancouver Aquarium Expansion
  • Surrey Pretrial Services Expansion
  • Okanagan Correctional Facility
  • Castletown House renovation, Kildare, Ireland
  • Leinster House renovation, Dublin, Ireland

In the past few years, Kate has mentored numerous BCIT design students along with high school students through her involvement with the Green Bricks organisation. Kate has presented on BIM topics for BIMbc and at the LCI (Lean Construction Institute) - Canada 2017 conference. She advocates for the use of building information modelling in the construction industry and is involved with numerous BIM groups.  

Kate has been involved in Canadian Construction Women since 2011 and has been Programs Director since September 2014.