Marie-France Venneri

President, AME Consulting Group

Marie-France Venneri graduated from University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Applied Science in mechanical engineering in 2004. 

Marie joined the AME Group in 2010. She’s a project manager and her role is to successfully assist clients in advancing their projects towards clearly defined goals.  Marie’s goal for every project is to surpass the client’s expectations by providing innovative and energy efficient mechanical designs. 

Marie recently returned to AME after taking a year off in 2015 to travel the world. She joined CCW as a member in 2008 and then in 2010 joined the board as Secretary. She then moved to Programs Director for 2011/2012, then Vice-President in 2013/2014. Marie has a long history with CCW and believes in its purpose of helpingwomen who are in, or looking to get in to, the construction industry.