Member Spotlight: Faith Dempster

Date: 2015-08-17
Author: Karina Eva
Source: Karina Eva
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This month’s member spotlight is dedicated to Faith Dempster. She is the Metro Vancouver Regional Manager for STEP (Skilled Trades Employment Program). STEP is a government funded program that helps connect tradespeople to construction employers in BC. They currently have  a network of 13 STEP offices throughout the province.

Faith’s background consists of welding and operating heavy equipment. She pursed this career after completing the BCIT Trades Discovery Program. She mentioned this program is a good starting point for anyone looking to work in the trades with no previous experience in the industry. Her time in the trades involved working in shipyards, metal shops and asphalt grinding companies.

Soon after the 2008 recession, many welders, including Faith, were left jobless. Faith was presented an opportunity to work for STEP- this was her way of keeping active in the industry she originally fell in love with. She reflects back on how rewarding it felt to help apprentices find employment, she remembers being in their shoes when she first started her career.

She educated us on the Women and Trades Program offered at STEP. This program helps place women in trades’ positions, even ones that are not typically worked by females such as, boilermakers, fridge mechanics, roofers, etc. This program helps the industry accept women in every sector; not only in “traditional” trades jobs but in niche roles as well. 

Recently, Ms. Depmster was recognized by the BCCA at the 2015 IEC-BC Leadership Recognition Awards for innovation in immigrant employment and addressing construction skills shortage.

Outside of work, you can find Faith biking, camping or simply enjoying the outdoors.  

We thank Faith for sharing with CCW and we look forward to hearing more success stories from her!

Each month, the Member Spotlight is a chance for CCW to highlight a different member who has impacted the construction industry in a positive way. It's a great way to get to know other members and find out more about their business/career. We want to share their success stories and achievements hoping to inspire other women in the industry.

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