CCW Hosts Panel Event Discussing Vancouver 2020

Date: 2013-01-29
Author: CCW

This month, CCW hosted a panel event discussing Vancouver 2020: the City’s “Greenest City 2020 Action Plan”. The panel explored the scope of the plan, how it will be implemented, challenges to implementation and how will it change the way we build and design together. This discussion was moderated by Jennifer Fix, an Urban Planner at DIALOG, who asked these questions to a series of experts. The panelists included Erin O'Melinn, Executive Director at HUB – Sustainable Transportation, Deana Grinnell, Director of Land Development at Parklane Homes and Sarah Buckle, Senior Sustainable Advisor at MHPM.? These experts also fielded questions from the floor, which turned into a very active conversation. The panelists elucidated on questions such as: How will we achieve affordability and accessibility as well as sustainability? What does densification mean for factories and industries and businesses operating in Vancouver? How is this plan integrated with the surrounding municipalities?? How do you promote behavior change? Are we creating a class system, whereby the elite are sustainable? The panelists suggested that the solution lay in a mixture of public policy, open dialogue, scientific evidence, accountability, integrated design process, education and both public and market awareness.

There was strong momentum in the discussions and the audience was very engaged; however, the clock eventually brought the evening to a close. Fortunately, CCW is hosting a second part to this series on April 23, 2013.  This session will also be moderated by Jennifer Fix who will be discussing with a second set of experts: Janine de la Salle, System Specialist at Golder – Planner, Food + Agriculture, Margot Long, Principal at PWL Partnership - Landscape Architect, Teresa Coady, Formerly President & founding partner of B+H BuntingCoady – Architect.  Join us to take part in shaping the future! Listen to the panelists’ ideas and weigh in with your own perspectives.

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