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Date: 2015-06-02
Author: Libby Rowe
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On a warm sunny day in June, 80 women (and a few men) assembled for the tour of the Marine Gateway Project.  This project is a mixed-use development and the tour brought us through several different areas including the theatre, the Fortis mechanical room, the condo units, the office floors and the various commercial spaces such as the future Winners space, the future Tim Hortons space and the future Starbucks space. 

The development is an anchor at the south end of Vancouver as its name “Marine Gateway” aptly implies.  PCI described the challenging process of obtaining the development permit as this part of Vancouver was zoned as light industrial and the COV was reluctant to shift this to residential.  However, there is no question about the demand as the residential units were apparently sold out in a remarkable 4 hours!  This is no surprise when you see the unique views from this otherwise (at least for now) low-rise portion of the city and of course the front-door access to the Canada Line not to mention some really great conveniences such as a T&T grocery store, a theatre, restaurants, banks and coffee shops.

Some of the interesting aspects of the project were the tie-ins to the Canada Line and the bus turnaround.  It was interesting to learn the challenges and successes with this integration.  We look forward to seeing what the proposed bike amenity/change room will look like.  There were also some very long escalators in the theatre that had to be delivered in one piece with the theatre built around them.  This of course would have been a unique challenge to the construction team.  This project is aiming for LEED Gold status so there were several unique aspects associated with this including a hydronic heating system.

Ledcor GroupPCI Development Corp.


With the development opening in January 2016 and PCI and Ledcor right on schedule, we had a great opportunity to see construction in progress and the beginning of the finishes.  It was refreshing to see that the exterior finishes have been purposely chosen to give the impression that the building has been built over time.  As such, there are varying facades of the various retail units that are tied together with consistent steel and wood elements.  It was also refreshing to see that this project was built around an open-air concept.  The retail stores open into an outdoor plaza and it was clear that this will be a key element in creating a community and connecting this development to its surroundings.

Since the development hasn’t yet been created and at the moment there aren’t very many local restaurants, CCW coordinated the Feastro food truck to meet us so we gathered in the parking lot of the PCI Development office with our fish tacos, pulled pork and fries.  This was truly a modern Vancouver tour in every way!  We would like to thank PCI and Ledcor for making this possible and taking the time to show us the project and also to all of those that were able to join us for the tour.  We look forward to seeing you at UBC Ponderosa!

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