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Traditionally, construction was not a field that women considered as a place to work. In fact, women historically were encouraged into teaching, nursing or clerical positions. Times have changed. Through government, industry and organizations, like Canadian Construction Women (CCW), there is a commitment to increasing women’s representation in non-traditional roles like construction. 

The construction sector council published a paper titled The State of Women in Construction in Canada in February 2010 in which they conducted a survey to understand what influenced women in their decision to enter the construction industry. One of the factors listed as a barrier to entry was found to be that there is a lack of women role models and mentors for those interested in the industry.

This is where organizations such as CCW can help. Through the network of women in the industry, from construction project managers to a variety of trades’ women, they can help pair women together for mentorship or simple guidance. It is a great resource for women in the Vancouver construction industry to get support from other like-minded women who share the same type of experiences.

CCW is the organization that through its history in the construction industry, is now known as a place for women to come together.  Through connecting with other women, touring construction sites, and learning industry insights, we are helping to build a stronger construction industry.


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